The Boxing Academy hosts launch of England Boxing research paper

On January 10, 2017, the Boxing Academy in Hackney hosted the launch of a report commissioned by England Boxing entitled, 'The Role of Boxing in Development: A Social Marketing Perspective'. Boxing Monthly was invited to attend, alongside England Boxing, the All-Part Parliamentary Group for Boxing and a number of staff and students from the Boxing Academy. 

England Boxing’s Chair, Caspar Hobbs explained the value of boxing as a developmental tool, especially within the academy setting. “A lot of research has been done [by the Walker Research Group] and also by [the] All-Party Parliamentary Group for Boxing, which has taken empirical evidence from a number of sources. Very simply, it shows that, for every pound invested into boxing, there is a saving on the criminal budget.

"The reason those reports show is that, particularly with young males, there is a major problem in terms of gangs and lack of father figures in many of the economically challenged areas. Boxing provides an incredibly effective, very cheap mechanism that can pull people away from gangs. Boxing also provides a quasi environment if you are perhaps missing a father, because it gives you discipline. In addition, it gives you confidence and fitness.”