How to refer to the Boxing Academy

    The Boxing Academy provides places for students who are outside of mainstream education. The school’s capacity is up to 40 KS4 students. Students are referred by schools and local education authorities from across London.

    Please note that we are unable to accept referrals from parents directly. While we welcome contact with interested parents, only schools or local authorities can commission placements. 

    The full admissions policy is available on our website. The Funding Agreement between the Boxing Academy Trust and the Department for Education can be downloaded from our governance pages.


    Children and young people aged 13-16 can obtain a placement at the Boxing Academy following a referral by a local authority, or from a maintained school/academy, and will be dual registered at Boxing Academy and at the referring school.

    Students referred from a local authority (for example those with an EHCP or who do not have a mainstream school place) will be single registered at the Boxing Academy.

    The student will be invited to Boxing Academy for interview with parent/carer. If the student is offered a place, the commissioner will complete all parts of the referral form and agree an SLA with the Boxing Academy to secure the placement. It should be noted that children who have an Education Healthcare Plan (EHCP) which names the Boxing Academy will be allocated places in the first instance.


    To provide the student with the best possible chance to integrate well we have a transparent commissioning process with clearly defined stages to ensure a successful transition into the Boxing Academy. They are:

    • a rigorous consultation process, including an interview, that includes the Academy SLT, representatives from the host school, local authority, parents / carers and other relevant organisations as appropriate. 

    • the host school and / or local authority provides all existing and available student records, related academic performance data and statutory records, e.g. attainment at KS2 and KS3, attendance, behaviour, SEN, and exclusion records.

    • a detailed induction with the student to spell out the expectations of the Academy in terms of behaviour, attitudes and attendance.

    • a temporary placement period of six weeks so that the suitability of the placement can be assessed. 

    • allocation of a pod leader who will provide ongoing support and challenge throughout their placement with us.