The Boxing Academy Trust is a company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity. The company's Articles of Association is the primary governing document of the Academy. 

    The Members of the Boxing Academy Trust appoint Directors and approve any changes to the company Articles. The attendance records of Members at board meetings will be contained in our financial reports when they are published on this website (at the end of the first financial year). The Members are :

    • Paul Buchanan - Chair
    • John Abbott
    • Andy Aibangbee
    • Domi Pettifar
    • Rathini Stear


    The affairs of the Boxing Academy are the responsibility of the governors of the school, who are all trustees of the Academy Trust and directors of the company for the purposes of company law. The Articles of Association provide for the appointment and election of the governors. 

    The governors work together to:

    • Set the Academy's strategic direction: mission, ethos, core values, aims and objectives.
    • Secure accountability for the Academy
    • Monitor and evaluate the Academy's performance

    Their role is mainly strategic and they do not get involved in the daily running of the school: this is responsibility of the Principal and her staff.

    Any parents who wish to raise personal or individual issues relating to their child should raise them through the usual school channels in the first instance.


    The governing body meets 6 times a year. The Principal attends those meetings, along with other staff and advisors where appropriate. The board has two sub-committees who meet regularly with the remit for:


      P&C: Progress & Curriculum (Data, Progress, Outcomes, Attainment, Safeguarding)

      F&R: Finance & Resources (Finance, Risk, HR, H&S, Property)


    The Governing Body consists of the following people with expertise in different areas that serve the school’s needs.

    Name Expertise / Committee  Appointment
    Trisha Jaffe - Chair Education / All committees 17/07/2017
    James Dove - Vice Chair Legal & Safeguarding / P&C 01/05/2017
    Andy Aibangbee         Education / P&C 01/05/2017
    Ama Afrifa-Tchie HR / F&R 01/05/2017
    Anna Cain (Principal) Education / All committees 01/05/2017
    Hala Craig (Staff governor) Education / P&C 20/09/2018
    Joanna Daniels Careers & CSR / P&C 01/05/2017
    Dr. Lily Dimitrov Medical / F&R 13/12/2018
    Joshua Hedge Finance / F&R  20/11/2019
    Aaron Iftikhar Finance / F&R 20/09/2018
    James Kane Education / P&C Chair 01/05/2017
    Verity Myers Business / F&R 17/03/2021