No-one has had to do push-ups in the snow!

Day 1 of actual skiing!

We arrived in Les Deux Alpes (via Geneva) after a coach journey through the winding Alps. The kids were overwhelmed, and thought they were in a movie set. After a very long day (3am start) and walks to get their ski boots and poles, we were all exhausted. 

Ski school started today, it was meant to be at 10am and although we started getting ready at 9, we were still trying to get boots strapped in properly and help pupils walk up the road carrying skis and poles at 10.30. The instructors at Ecole du Ski Francaise (ESF) have been very patient with us :) Everyone went to the baby slopes to start their basic training, and were miffed to see tiny 3 year French kids sweeping past them. They had gentle and fun exercises to do; learning how to put their skis on, how to stand up, how to slow down and stop but it wasn't at all easy - most of the pupils were tired, cold and sore after sliding into the fencing and landing on their bums by the time we went back for lunch and it was hard to get them ready and back out again for the afternoon session.

Walking in ski boots has proven particularly challenging, it's very awkward and sometimes painful, so we were wondering if they would refuse to go; they didn't. Some were telling us that they felt like would never be able to do it. They were taken up onto the nursery slope and by the time 4.30 came around we had kids whooping and shrieking, one told us that "it's so hard but when you get it right it feels amazing!". That is why we came. 

We've been posting some pics and videos on our twitter and instagram but it's not easy when your hands are cold or you are on a ski lift! Tomorrow we are all taking the bubble lift to the top of the mountain for some real skiing, and the kids will be writing the blog. 

We are tired, almost hysterical at times, and have at points wondered if we were completely mad to do this. The kids are totally out of their comfort zone and the usual problems are occurring but at least no-one has had to do any push-ups in the snow!