The Boxing Academy has a dedicated team of teachers, boxers and office support staff who all contribute to our unique school. 


    Anna Cain Principal
    David Gallagher Head of Teaching & Learning
    Marika Morrison Head of Student Services
    Jermaine Williams Head of Boxing & Behaviour

    Teaching, Boxing and Support Staff

    Luke Robinson Senior Pod Leader
    Daniel Mendes Senior Pod Leader
    Yilmaz Mustafa Senior Pod Leader
    Billy Stewart Pod Leader
    Jermaine Findlator Pod Leader
    Kareem Brown Pod Leader
    Karen Tristham-Brown English Teacher
    Elliot Pilling Science Teacher
    Harriet Oakland Art Teacher
    Hala Craig Maths Teacher
    John Dixon  Health & Fitness Teacher              
    Louise Graham Administrator



    I was getting into fights and arguments with teachers [in mainstream school], but now I’m looking forward to passing my exams and going on to college.”

    DG, current student