The Boxing Academy has a dedicated team of teachers, boxers and office support staff who all contribute to our unique school. 


    Anna Cain Principal
    Marika Morrison Head of Student Services
    Jermaine Williams Head of Boxing & Behaviour

    Teaching, Boxing and Support Staff

    Luke Robinson Senior Pod Leader
    Daniel Mendes Senior Pod Leader
    Yilmaz Mustafa Pod Leader
    Kareem Brown Pod Leader
    Ridler Tshibangu Pod Leader
    Karen Tristham-Brown English Teacher
    Elliot Pilling Science & RE Teacher
    Harriet Oakland Art Teacher
    Hala Craig Maths Teacher
    John Dixon  PE Teacher              
    Louise Graham Administrator




    I was getting into fights and arguments with teachers [in mainstream school], but now I’m looking forward to passing my exams and going on to college.”

    DG, current student