The Boxing Academy curriculum is designed to prepare students for life in modern Britain. 

    Key Stage 3
    The intent of the curriculum in KS3 is to equip learners with the knowledge and skills they need to embrace positive lifestyles and become strong, resilient, independent and aspirational. This will help them be successful in every area of their life, especially in their education. 
    Key Stage 4
    We offer a core GCSE curriculum of English, Maths and Science, complimented by Art and PE. Alongside this, every student will receive the highest quality careers advice and guidance for planning their next steps in education. 
    Functional Skills
    All students will have the opportunity to study for FS Maths and Engish at levels 1 or 2 alongside the GCSE courses to ensure they are equipped for college.
    The Broader Offer and "Stealth" Curriculum
    We balance the academic lessons with boxing training sessions, group sporting activities and education in PHSE (personal, health, social and economic), SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural) and British Values. In KS3, students also study RE. Our approach includes a "stealth" curriculum which targets gaps and missed learning, and which aims to reverse the negative experiences of our young people in their education so far.

    All students have access to IAG (independent advice and guidance) for careers and will experience workplace visits and preparation for working skills in a corporate setting.

    We cater for many different needs with our flexible approach to learning and skilled staff. Key points include:

    • Small group teaching
    • Personalised learning for every student
    • Specialist Dyslexia support and resources
    • Kinaesthetic learning styles
    • Classroom support provided for all lessons
    • Clear and structured environment giving the students an opportunity to build relationships
    • ADHD trained support staff



    The curriculum is designed to prepare pupils for life in modern Britain. Staff quickly get to know each pupil, so that they can provide individualised support. They model the personal characteristics and traits needed to be a successful adult."

    Ofsted Report, March 2020