The Boxing Academy is an attachment-aware school.

    When young people have had adverse childhood experiences - abuse, neglect or any other trauma - it impedes both their emotional and physiological development as well as their brain capacity. The effects of trauma can be felt by experiencing it directly or by witnessing it with others. This inhibits their ability to cope with even the most simple requirements of the education system. All our staff are trained in attachment-awareness, trauma-informed practice and emotion coaching techniques and we use this approach to ensure that no young people are left behind.

    The Key Adult: Pod Leaders

    Children with attachment difficulties need a key adult with whom they can build a trusting relationship. Our model uses the boxing coaches - pod leaders - to provide this support and establish a trusting relationship. Secure attachment relationships correlate strongly with higher academic attainment, better self-regulation and social competence, helping them lay the foundation for success in their next stages of education and adult lives.

    Effective Practice: Boxing Training

    We use daily Boxing training to provide a non-stigmatising, skill-based intervention which successfully improves the wellbeing, academic success, resilience and life opportunities for children. It uses targeted physical and mental activities to teach core life skills, focussing on improving executive functions. Sessions such as pad work and bag work are similar to smart gym circuit training and they teach:

    • Attention and focus
    • Inner state control
    • Working memory
    • Relaxation and de-stress techniques
    • Teamwork and communication

    Our students report that after being in school for six months they have improved focus, increased confidence and better teamworking skills.

    Our teachers report that they observe better concentration, less impulsive responses and a calmer classroom environment.

    The parents report that they experience a decrease in stress at home and an increase in levels of responsibility amongst their children.



    I just wanted to let you know that we have closed Zac's case. It has been amazing to see how Zac has settled into the Boxing Academy and the relationships he has built with staff . He honestly seems like a different young person. He seems so happy and confident and I'm really happy that he's in a provison that can support him the way he needs. He is so proud of how he is doing there, it's amazing”

    Jess, Young Hackney support worker for a BA student