Welcome to the Boxing Academy's website. I hope it gives you some insight into our unique school and ethos. We are a boxing family: the staff are caring and totally committed to building relationships with the students, helping them to transform their view of education. 

    We offer places for 48 boys and girls at Key Stages 3 and 4 with a reduced curriculum of 5 GCSEs or equivalent, supplemented by a wide range of enrichment activities, and a clear pathway to further education and employment. The offer will increase as our premises expands so we can improve outcomes for our students. Referrals are made through partner schools or local authorities, and with the input of the child and parent at all times. We help parents by sending weekly reports on achievement and progress, and liaising with them to ensure that the good work we do with the students is effective at home too. 

    The Boxing Academy is an attachment-aware school. All our staff are trained in attachment-awareness, trauma-informed practice and emotion coaching techniques and we use this approach to ensure that no young people are left behind. We have come a long way from our origins as a small project in a boxing gym: we have been oversubscribed since 2013 and our recent Ofsted report in March 2020 judged us "Outstanding". 

    We strive to ensure that 100% of our leavers gain a place in further education or employment every year. With the support of our governing body, our dedicated staff are committed to improving their outcomes every day. We are unapologetically aspirational for our students: just because our education offer is alternative, it does not mean less ambitious. 

    Anna Cain, BA, MSc.


    Staff prioritise pupils’ social and emotional needs, so that they can nurture their academic ability. Pupils are encouraged to look at their own identity first. They can then explore how they fit into the community, the capital and the wider world."

    Ofsted Report, March 2020